(bottom sand not included; will split   rental for machine if needed for leveling extra is dirt customer's responsibility). 

Aboveground Special with salt water system Deluxe 21'r installed (50 yr warranty salt safe frame and walls


includes 21'r x54" dp (yes 4'6" deep) salt safe frame and walls, salt system, 1.5 hp pump and filter, full print liner, led light with remote, pool cleaner, cleaning kit, walk in steps, bottom liner, foam cove and winter cover              

(on special until 7-1-18) 

Premium Deluxe Aboveground salt compatible pools with 50 year warranty and 54" walls installed  at standard pool prices         

(: included Free before 7-1-18 led light with remote and auto cleaner :)

--> -->15r' x 54"dp-----------$3.500.00

-->--> 18'r x 54"dp-----------$3.750.00

-->--> 21'r x 54"dp-----------$4.000.00

-->--> 24'r x 54"dp-----------$4.500.00

-->--> 27'r x 54"dp-----------$5.000.00

-->--> 30'r x 54"dp-----------$5.750.00


             +++++ Ovals +++++

-->--> 12' x 24' x 54"dp-----$4500.00

-->--> 15' x 30' x 54"dp-----$5750.00

-->--> 18' x 33' x 54"dp-----$6500.00

kit includes 50 yr frame and walls, 7" top seats, print bottom liner, 1.5 hp pump and filter system, an A-frame ladder or walk in steps  (: Free led light with remote and pool cleaner replaces manual cleaning kit :).



swimming pool installations liners installed, decks built, and all repairs        


(bottom sand not included; will split 1 day rental for machine if needed for leveling extra is dirt customer's responsibility). 

Kid sitter aboveground pools keeps the kids busy at home and a good way for exercising happiness at home deluxe quality installed aboveground pools at standared prices                                                                                     (free accessories)                                                                                      

 -->-->--15'r x 52"dp------------$2.750.00 

 -->-->--18'r x 52"dp------------$3.000.00

 -->-->--21'r x 52"dp------------$3.250.00
 -->-->--24'r x 52"dp------------$3.500.00

 -->-->--27'r x 52"dp------------$4.000.00                    


 -->-->--15' x 30' x 52"dp------$5.000.00

 -->-->--18' x 33' x 52"dp------$5.500.00

                                                                               kit includes 40 yr frame and wall, 7" top seats, print bottom liner, wide mouth skimmer, return, 1.5 hp pump and filter system, Deluxe A-frame ladder or walk in step ,  manual cleaning kit       ( : Free led light with remote, and winter cover  add 50.00 and get a automatic cleaner instead of a manual cleaning kit : )     


Aboveground Pool Installation prices

                   Round pools

      15' round ~~~~~~~~ $800.00

      18' round ~~~~~~~~ $900.00

      21' round ~~~~~~~~ $1000.00

      24' round ~~~~~~~~ $1200.00

      27' round ~~~~~~~~ $1500.00

      30' round ~~~~~~~~ $1700.00

                    Oval pools

      12 x 24 ~~~~~~~~~~ $1200.00

      15 x 30 ~~~~~~~~~~ $1500.00

      18 x 33 ~~~~~~~~~~ $1800.00


 " " " Installed Inground Liner Prices " " "

                                                                      ----------------------20 mill-----------28/30----------

  -->-->16 x 32---$1.900.00- - - -$2.600.00

  -->-->18 x 36---$2.200.00- - - -$2.800.00

  -->-->20 x 40---$2.500.00- - - -$3.300.00     

  " " " " " " " Installation Only " " " " " " "


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Call for other shapes and sizes

 This is for covered pools or pools with minimal debris 1 bag of pool base included for minor bottom damage,  extra charge for pools with excessive debris or bottom damage

Welcome to Precision Pools And Construction Wv  

 ................... Other Services ..................      liners installed, pressure test lines, openings, closings, vacation shut downs, lights repaired, decks, deck repair, concrete work, steps replaced, heaters heat pumps and solar, salt and ozone sanitizing systems, design and renovations of all types of swimming pools

Let us do your inground swimming pool construction

     ~~~~~Kid Sitter~~~~~

  Quality aboveground pools

        at economy prices

(:  All above ground pools come with a printed liner and a 1.5 horsepower motor with a150# sand filter :)

              30 yrs exp  


Early Spring Above Ground       special with salt system

Inground Pools pool repairs inground swimming pool construction


Installed decks are priced material cost is the labor cost to build

  •      --->-->16 x 32 <--<-- 850.00<--<--     --->-->18 x 36 <--<-- 1000.00<--<--     --->-->20 x 40 <--<-- 1200.00<--<--





         The Basic Aboveground

 A Standard Quality Pool Installed  at                 

            Economy pool prices   

                      Round Pools   

    15'r x 52"dp ------------------- $2.400.00

    18'r x 52"dp ------------------- $2.500.00

    21'r x 52"dp ------------------- $2.750.00

    24'r x 52"dp ------------------- $3.000.00

    27'r x 52"dp ------------------- $3.500.00    


Above Ground Pools

>>>Early Inground Spring Special<<<(vinyl fence included)

 Inground Spring Special an inviting and refreshing 18x36 rectangle or a 16x32 Oval inground swimming pool installation that includes walls, braces, 300# filter, 1.5 hp pump, salt system, steps, ladder, two drains, returns, skimmer, light, plumbing, pool base, your choice of liner from the included selection , safety rope, cleaning kit, 4' of concrete, 6' at step end and for safety and security a lovely 4' white vinyl picket fence with a locking gate       ************************$23.500.00*************************

Prefer less work, more safety and piece of mind, have it installed with an automatic cover for only


(fence not included. Call for prices on other shapes and sizes).

Let us at Precision Pools and Construction Wv transform your yard into an oasis with the swimming pool installation of your dreams  we can install an aboveground with a deck for sunbathing or spending quality time with family and friends or an inground with a shallow area for the toddlers to splash around in or for you to relax in the water soaking in the suns rays, a diving board for the older kids, a light for late night, and to give you more time to relax a pool cleaner and salt sanitizing system for your ease of maintenance. Other accessories include slides, heaters, fountains, waterfalls, vanishing edge, automatic covers and much more.

kit includes 30 yr frame and walls, 6" top seats, print bottom liner, 1.5 hp pump and filter system, and A-frame ladder :).